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City Park

Explore New Orleans!

City Park is the perfect place to visit while in the city of New Orleans. This beautiful and magical park is located on 1,300 acres of land and has been around since 1854. It is one of the nation's oldest urban parks. Every year the park sees millions of visitors walk under the beautiful oak trees.

No matter what you love there is something in the park for you. The City Park has a Botanical Garden so that you can stop in at the gardens and smell the roses. The Besthoff Sculpture Garden is a great place to enjoy art. The paths are the perfect place to be active and go biking, jogging, and walking along the path. There is also a tennis court and golf course for those that want to use it.

The park is most known for the world's largest mature and live oak trees. These trees include an oak that dates back nearly 800 years. Part of what oak trees are known for is their distinctive shape, a few of the branches of the tree are twice as long as the tree is tall.

There are a few things that shaped the history of this gorgeous park. The first of these two major events was the Great Depression. The park was constructed to help employ men and women that suffered during that time. The other event was Hurricane Katrina. That storm in 2005 left 95% of the park in floodwaters and delt about $43 million in damages to just the park. The community banded together to repair the park and improve it after that tragic storm.